18-20 Male. 223 words with two voices/Danish accent. “Farmor (grandma) Bente.” From: The Snow Queen.

By Paul Pasulka

What did your grandmother say? (Imitating old lady, Danish accent) “Minskat, my little kitten. You are so handsome.  But this is how you visit your farmor? In klute? (rags) And all with the shaggy, Gerda, get my scissors. Now don’t move. Where are my glasses? Stand still. Like an old mule deer, you look.”

(Normal voice) But Farmor Bente. You said I look just like your grandfather.

(Imitating old lady, Danish accent)

“That was over a hundred years. In the cold your hair was long. And why must you be always so clever? The clever mouse tickles the cat, you know. (Sighs) You do look just like him. But you are too skinny. If big wind comes, you will fly away. You should have some meat on your bones, like Gerda. But I do not approve of this shaking up. Gerda, when are you getting married?”

(Normal voice.)

And what'd you say?

(Imitating Gerda)

“Oh, Farmor…”

(Normal voice)

That was brilliant. Deflecting her like that. I would have told her, “Farmor Bente. I have big plans. I’m gonna become the Prince of Denmark. And then if I marry Gerda, she’ll be princess. Everybody will have to obey us.” (Mood darkens) And then she starts in again about my sister. Like it was yesterday. It was, like, almost that I –  I hate that.