Storytelling (5-10 minutes)

Five- to ten-minute mostly autobiographical stories of wonder, terror, and amusement, including a face to face encounter with a sympathetic dead rat; the rescue of little lost boys; a life and death and life encounter with the Ironman; and donuts trembling in the face of a nun’s rage. 

Stories have been performed at the GenNarrations Project with the Goodman Theatre of Chicago, Three Cat Productions, and Death & Pretzels Theatre.

  • Sonuvagun was performed by invitation at the International Storytelling Festival in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; October, 2014.
  • A selection of stories and 10-minute plays was performed as Wanna See a Dead Rat at Rhinofest Chicago in February, 2015.
  • A selection of stories and 10-minute plays will be read as Wanna See a Dead Rat at Filet of Solo Chicago in January, 2016.