Full-Length Plays for Adults


The story of a mother and son reunion after the apparent suicide of the child’s father. .

Gruoch or Lady Macbeth

Follow the future Lady Macbeth and her child as they escape the conflagration which kills her first husband, through her residence at a shelter for homeless families (run by three other witches), her marriage to Macbeth and to her subsequent death. 

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The Tempest Within

The troubled history and redemption of five actors who are brought together to audition for the mysterious and world famous Mr. Director. 

  • Staged partial reading with Deadline Workshop at Chicago Dramatists.
  • Staged reading scheduled with Writers Bloc August 7, 2017.

The Snow Queen (Adults only)

An adult rendition of the Hans Christian Anderson story in which Gerda sets off on a fantastic journey to rescue her childhood friend from the death-like land of his drug experience.

Skin for Skin

Skin for Skin finds the Biblical Job as a detainee in Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq.

  • Producedwith The Agency Collective, directed by Mike Menendian, with choreography by Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble and Actors Gymnasium; Rivendell Theatre, February - April 2017.
  • Table read in the First Draft Series at Chicago Dramatists.
  • Staged reading with The Agency Collective; July 11, 2015.

Go Boom!

GoBoom! depicts a romance between an actor and the therapist of an autistic child, in the midst of a lawsuit against the company that makes vaccinations. 

Anna O.

Bertha Pappenheim’s treatment with Dr. Josef Breuer; the birth of psychoanalysis; and her courageous efforts to combat her symptoms, the treatments, and the abuse of women and children. Freud is merely a footnote.


Into The River

Two men meet on a bridge over a river; one is contemplating suicide. Chance or karma?

To The Great Egress

PT Barnum is at the gates of heaven. He wants in. The two strangers who arrive after him have another idea. 


When the Levee Breaks

A young hot-shot corporate lawyer meets the girl of his dreams. The earth moves. Literally.

La Maestra

The story of seventeenth century artist, Artemisia Gentileschi. And or twenty-first century drama student, Jennifer Hartnett. And of Biblical Judith.