Female 18 - 25. 188 words. Liv: "Then he came." From: The Tempest Within.

By Paul Pasulka

Yes, Rachel, they loved us. Very much. Especially you. They loved me, too. But especially you. And there was lots of food. No, it wasn’t a castle. Not as big, but more beautiful, and always warm. Castles are so cold. Mama was always cooking. Huge roast ducks with plum sauce, great loaves of bread, with melting butter and jam. You would get so excited. You always got jam all over your cheeks. And mama would kiss you and say, “Ooh, it is so sweet. But not as sweet as my Rachel. I know she’s under this jam somewhere.” We had so much fun. Papa took us fishing, and he made a sled as big as the roof, and when it snowed we all flew, our arms outstretched, like an eight-winged eagle, down the hill and over the frozen lake, and it seemed like we’d never stop. (Beat.) Then he came. No, Rachel. I won’t let him hurt you. Sleep. No. He’s calling. No, I have to. I’ll be alright. I’ll be back soon.