Female 18-25. 183 words. The Snow Queen: "I died?" From: The Snow Queen.

By Paul Pasulka

Kai? Is he dead? Good question. I died. I guess I did. We were sledding. You and Kai were just four. We were walking on the ice. Kai ran off. I ran after him and caught him. I scolded him, and took his hand. We fell through, Kai and me. I saw Grandma Bente reaching for him. She was tugging on his arm. It was strange. I remember thinking, ‘I’m a fish, and he’s the line, and...’  I was sinking, pulling him under. I let go. It was so cold. Then, I … I woke up here. Whevever here is. And I am still always so cold.

Is Kai dead? See, that’s the part that I don’t get. I bring people across, when they choose to die. Like I’m the – who was that Greek guy – the boatman. Only some kind of specialist for suicides. Then, when we get here, they disappear. And I’m still here. Always. And Kai? he just showed up while I was out. And here he sits. And what happens now?

Nothing, I suspect. So far, nothing has.