Female 18-25. 187 words. Madeline: “The Holiest Relic of All.”

From: Charades by Paul Pasulka

Um, I have a question? Is there a stipend for this internship? I mean, I will pursue this for His - God’s glory and truth and all, but I could use a little money. Oh, not greed - God forbid. See, I want to go to the Holy Land. Yes, a kind of like a pilgrimage? See, I had this vision - when I was holding that meteor - And in the vision I was commanded to search for the holiest relic of all.  I vow I will find it. I will dedicate my life to this mission. Cause you know it’s still out there. There’s no mention of Him picking it up after Easter before the Ascension, right? And it’s gotta be indestructible, right? So it’s there, just  waiting for me to just grab it. And grab it I will. Then maybe I can - well, things can maybe be different - in a miracle way.

What is is? (Beat.) Well, you look like a god-fearing person, so I’m sure it’s alright if I tell you.

Why, the Holy Foreskin, of course. From the circumcision? Talk about your ecstasy. Oops, was that greed? Or envy?