Female 18-25. 212 words. Kate: “Your Laptop?” From When the Levee Breaks.

By Paul Pasulka

Your laptop? It’s in my kitchen. I checked the dishwasher this morning. It’s probably dry by now. You don’t remember? You put it there last night? After you smoked that stuff? You were like, (singing) “I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair.” I didn’t really get the reference, though. That’s not early Elton John, is it?  Oh, and that stack of papers? Well, how much do you lose, like in smoke? When something burns. I mean, the ashes are still there. What happens to the smoke? Scott, just what is a legal brief, anyhow?

And the BMW? I wondered about that, too. But you were adamant about (imitating him) “Keepin’ it real.” You’re so cute when you pretend to be African-American.”Gangsta.” Anyhow, the Beemer – that’s the BMW, right? I’m sure that would have disappointed your nephew. He was so happy. He was like, screaming. Over the phone. When you gave it to him. He’s cute, by the way. Turns out he was in town with his fraternity brothers. They took a cab right over. I asked him if I should wake you, to thank you? But he said no, you probably needed your sleep. That was so considerate. And you had already signed over the title. I was so proud of you.