Female 18-25. 232 words. Madeline: "Meteorites" From Charades.

By Paul Pasulka

Really? You work with meteorites?! That is so amazing! Cause I actually found one when I was camp counselor. At ‘The Way, The Truth, and The Might Bible Camp?’ - Well, they said it wasn’t really a meteorite. But then why did they take it from me? And why was that the last day I was allowed to counsel? (Beat.) Oh. I was hoping you would know, what with the internet and everything. But anyway, right then and there I came up with the plan - no. I mean, if it’s like an epiphany, it’s not really my plan, is it? His plan. And I lead best when I follow Him.

Oh, the plan? Well, from that instant I knew that I would collect my own. His own, I mean. Because on that meteorite, plain as day - there they were - God’s fingerprints. And while I didn’t really know much about fingerprints then, I knew for certain that that was my mission.

Do you read the bible? I sincerely hope so. Because there is just way too many disbelief-ers - these day. I know I believe. Because if he didn’t create everything, including the meteorites - well, it’s just too horrible to contemplate. And I will dedicate my God-given gifts - including the gift of the epiphany - to prove his existence once and for all. So that everyone can finally believe.