Female. 18-30. 106 words with Suzuki movement. Liv: “That’s for Remembrance.”

From: The Tempest Within.  By Paul Pasulka

Suzuki? You want me to audition with Suzuki?

(Beat. Preparing)

When it’s right. When I know I’ve inhabited the… character? When she exists because I breathe life into her… Without my inspiration, nothing. A deflated balloon. The defecation of a monkey at a typewriter. Punctuation? None. Squiggles and sticks and …

(Ends Suzuki exercise.)

But then, if it’s right. It isn’t a script. It’s me.  Not just me. Something. Someone. Alive…   “There’s rosemary…” Yes. Not perfect yet. Not breathing. A first kiss. Gently, but so hungry. Lips linger. A touch. A tongue... We cannot breathe… Without each other. “There’s Rosemary, that’s for remembrance.” ( And when you die, Oh. Ophelia. We die.