Female. 20+. 176 words. Celtic dialect. Kate: "Did ye see the moon?"

From: Gruoch or Lady Macbeth. By Paul Pasulka

My father died when I was very young, so it was just she and I. She was definitely not of nobility either. But she had such a noble spirit, and so loved life. She thought she was too simple to teach me. But she used to make up these stories to tell me - in the winter, or at bedtime.  

“Did ye see the moon tonight, Kate?” she asked. “Full she be. Wide awake and ready. Some folks say - and don’t ye be scoffin’ at me. I’m just sayin’ what some folks say - the moon is a dragon’s eye, big and bright as can be.”

“But why only one?” I asked.

“Some folks say she lost the other protecting her child against a terrible beast. And God was so taken by her bravery that he give her a soul and put her in the heavens to watch over all the children.” Hmm…  (With derision) God. God... Oh, do not misunderstand me. I did pray to him. For what?

But there is - was - nothing like a mother’s love.