Female. 25+. 146 words. Kate: "Passel of Fleas."

From Gruoch or Lady Macbeth by Paul Pasulka

Gruoch. Oh, I beg your pardon. I must respect your title; you worked so hard to achieve it - Lady Macbeth. Do you know the story of the old dog bein' bitten by a whole passel of fleas, but he won't shoo 'em away? No? Dern dog reckoned that these perticular fleas were almost full of his blood already, and that if he chased 'em away, fleas a heap hungrier would dive in, and that'd be a-whole-nother thing. (Beat). Go to the Inquisitor. Confess. He will destroy us... If he can find us: The earth hath bubbles, as the water has, and what seem'd corporal melted as breath into the wind... They are so much more capable of finding the simpleminded and defenseless. In either case, the Inquisitor will deliver you - and the child you have so tenderly milked - to heaven or hell. Don't make me no never-mind