Female. 25 +. 207 words. The Snow Queen: “Puzzle Pieces” From The Snow Queen.

By Paul Pasulka

Home..? Interesting destination, philosophically. In a manner of speaking, he may already be home. He is perfectly content here. (takes out a joint) Wanna smoke? It might help pass the time. Although seems like time just goes on and on here, so I don’t know that we’ll ever actually pass it. Kai? Don’t worry. He’s no bother. He doesn't eat much. Well, actually, he doesn’t eat at all. Doesn't talk much now either. Just works on that puzzle, like it's the secret to eternity. I shouldn't be critical, though. That is what I told him. Who knows, maybe it is. It would be freaky if it was, though, considering it's just odds and ends of various puzzles we –

You should see how ecstatic he gets when he manages to get two pieces together. Really, I'm happy for him, too. I told him he was able to finish it he would find the secret to eternity, and get a skateboard, too. He was so excited about that – the skateboard. Like he’s got anywhere to go. Anyhow, you might as well get comfortable. As far as I know, you’re here to stay, too. I do have a few more puzzle pieces, if you’re interested