Female. 30+. 152 words. Sydney: "Scorched Earth." From: GoBoom.

By Paul Pasulka

She apologized? Alan, are you fucking kidding me?! “Oh, I am so sorry I bit off your thing. Has it grown back? Let me see. Oh, it did. And it looks so… yummy.” And I don’t care that she’s doing meditation. Yoga. Even if you added electroshock therapy and a lobotomy, I’d still say run away as fast as you can. No. Do you even hear yourself? Did you have the lobotomy? Wait! Is this about New York? Jennifer wants you in the play. That’s it, isn’t it? Alan, Alan Alan. Please. You do remember the last time, don’t you? ‘Cause I sure do. I was there. She scorched the earth for twenty miles around you. I got char-broiled just being near you. Trying to resuscitate you. It took you how long before you could – what? Pick your head up off the bed? You haven’t really dated since. Alan, please be careful