Female. 30+ 200 words. Deanna: “Sugar Plum Fairy” From Remote.

By Paul Pasulka

Hunh? Work? Oh... Oh, I know how work works. It's a place you go. Usually every day. For eight hours.  And they give you money, and maybe a pension plan, and health benefits. And you pay the rent.  I mean, that's how it is for me. How does your work work, David? What's wrong? You didn't get your big break? Romeo and Juliet, was it...? I wonder, which one of you would dance Juliet.  I know, it was for the Sugar Plum Fairy, right? No? Am I getting warm? Cinderella? Cinderella, right? And you were gonna be the pumpkin? You'd be good at that. Sit around and rot... Oh, but then midnight comes and you'd have to change. And we both know that ain't gonna happen. What? You thing I’m drunk? Well, I have got news for you. I am. I am drunk. But you know what? Drunk or no drunk, I don't have to listen to you. You are not my father. What exactly are you doing here? 'Cause it sure ain't about me or the marriage. (Beat.) David, no. I’m sorry. Please don’t go. Please. We need to do something. Please. I need help