Female 30-40. 132 words. Sydney: "Falling Off a Cliff" From: GoBoom.

By Paul Pasulka

So what happens now? Naomi, I don’t want to give you the wrong impression. I came to meet you for coffee, but I’m really not into the far end of what-happens-now. I’m not over what-happened-before yet. Not sure I ever will be. She - My ex – what? Girl – friend? Partner? To her I was a “Paramour-or-less”. Cute, right? More like an escape clause. No, an acrimonious parting-of-the-ways I could deal with. More like seismic. We had been together for five years. One minute we’re strolling along, hand in hand, talking about having a child. Next thing I know the earth rips open, I’m falling into a chasm, and she’s looking down at me, smiling and waving, “Bye-bye”, holding someone else’s hand. And the perceptive Doctor-go-boom never saw it coming.