Female 30's. 168 words. Deanna: "He's Not Your Father." from Remote.

By Paul Pasulka

He said he wouldn’t leave you alone with who? (Mocking) I don’t give a fu - what I told Dr. John… And Dr. John? ‘Just give him time. He’s had a trauma.’  Eff him. He doesn’t live here. Tell me what you said. Daddy wouldn’t leave you alone with who?! With me?!  You…! You… ! It was always, ‘Daddy, this’. ‘Daddy, that’. You never wanted anything to do with me. I thought there was something wrong with me. But it was you. Two peas in a cozy little... little fuckin’ pod! ‘No room for you, mommy.   Go away, mommy.’ And I’m supposed to baby you while you get up at three in the morning to watch that... that... dancing crap on TV? Waking me up when I have to work? Well, here’s a news flash for you. He wasn’t your father. He lied and he left you. He killed himself and he left you with me. Oh, it’s true. You wanna see the birth certificate? His name’s not on it. Mine is. I own this house. And I own the remote. Now, give it to me or so help me God I will…!