Male 16+. 189 words. Icarus: “Mama, did you see me?” From: The Tempest Within.

By Paul Pasulka

Mama, Did you see me? Do you see how high I flew? Could you even imagine. You were a slave. And me and papa - trapped in that maze. And now? So free. Did you see the eagles? They were freaked. They almost fell out of the sky when I flew right past them into the clouds. It was so, so cold. Like our baths in the river, in the spring? So cold. And then we’d roll in the hot sand? It was like that, when I burst through the clouds. It was brilliant. I shuddered. And the feathers dried, and I soared higher and higher. So far above father. I lost him, mama. Is he alright? But, what I could tell him now! I was - beyond a god, above Olympus. Faster than Hermes. Thunderbolts couldn’t touch me. (Beat.) Mama – for a moment, I was a god. It’s funny, though. It turns out it’s not the sands of time. It’s wax, dripping. Like tears. Oh, a feather. And another.  It was glorious, though, wasn’t it? And…And the fall? It’s gonna be fuckin’ amazing. Mama, I’ll be with you soon.