Male 16-20. 276 words with Break Dancing. Dominique: “Break Dance Ballet.”

From Remote by Paul Pasulka

Man, dog. I'm starvin'. I know she left somethi'. You didn't eat it, did you – do a brother like that? There...? In there?

Baby Ruth. Now that's what I'm talkin' about. Everybody thinks it was named after that baseball player. It wasn't. It was named after some president's daughter. Thanks...

(He begins to open the candy bar.)

Oh, yeah, my manners – you want some...? No...? It's good shit? (takes a bite). I saw you like that ice cream at dinner. Tonight, if they serve it, you got mine. I just get so hungry after school.

(He sees the poster).

Man, that some crazy shit right there. That’s that Nureyev guy, right? I YouTubed him. I mean, I can dance and shit, but I can't do that like him.

(He puts the candy bar on the table and pirouettes.)

It seems like he could go forever. You’re a dancer. Can you do that?

Yeah, didn't think so. That shit, that's just trick photography. They got him, like, on a wire or a turntable. Or somethin'… You can really do that? Show me.

No shit, man. You are a dancer.

That's way past cool. Me, a ballet dancer.  Now you watch.

He executes a break-dance toprock with a one-arm floor-drop, back to toprock.

And that’s just the top floor. It ain't nothin' till you hit the pavement,,. You got it?

No, little brother. You have got to be bolder. And put more bounce in it.

DOMINIQUE reaches to take the remote.

Besides, you can't do it holdin' that.

The fu-, man? You think I'm gonna cop that thing? And it’s so... (dismissively) Atari. Shit, man. Whatever.