Male 18 - 20. 227 words. Kai: “Snowflakes.” From: The Snow Queen.

By Paul Pasulka

We were studying snowflakes in class. Billions and billions of them and no two alike. Each snowflake made up of a thousand trillion water molecules. Hobbs said he heard that the biggest snowflake ever recorded was over a foot in diameter. He's really getting into Buddhism lately. He even got a book about it and shit. All about reincarnation, and nirvana, and everything. But he says LSD does the same thing as Buddhism. Takes you to the same place, only you don't have to kill yourself with all the meditating and reincarnation and shit.

It's like the fruit of the tree of knowledge. And if you think about it - Adam and Eve? I mean, they were happy and shit, but they were pig ignorant. Wake up, eat, drink, hang around all day just naming shit, go to sleep, wake up. No sex. No sickness. No questions. Always all the same. Like, nothing. Forever.

But this life? It's just so… So... mundane. So much want and need and disappointment. And then you die. And then, boom, you're reincarnated, and it starts all over again. But maybe there's a way to – what was that? Jump the blast. Maybe taking LSD is even, like, the final step to awareness. And if I’m wrong? No biggie. Coupla hours of a very big high. An experience. Then, ho-hum, back to life.