Male 18 +. 227 words. Sewey: "Hunger." From Charades.

By Paul Pasulka

I saw you. I was out there on the ice and I stared into the chasm and I saw you and I had to come back. For you. I remember you. I know you. Your eyes. When we were in the jungle and each time since I have looked into your eyes. I am so - amazed. They look just like my father’s. When I was sick, I had a fever. I was burning, but I knew that as long as he held me in his arms and with his eyes, nothing bad would happen. With him.

But in yours there was has always something else - Hunger. And fear. Only when I see that am I afraid. For you. For  your utter sadness and loneliness. Your endless desperation. Without hope - forever. How terrifying. For you.

And this is the part where I feel - I smell the warm and wet rot of death in your breath. And now you slip a canine tooth into my artery as easily as a knife point into the skin of a peach. And the pain is exquisite. Do you feel it? Again? And again? Do it, please. Lick it. Taste it. The  acrid, salty, hot smell, the taste. It arouses you. You know it does. Give into it. You rage with hunger. You are so hungry. So essentially unhappy. I am so sorry.