Male 18-20. 165 words. Kai: “The Snow Queen.” From: The Snow Queen.

By Paul Pasulka

Really? That’s your name? That is so weird. I mean, like cool-weird. My grandmother told us stories about the Snow Queen. Like snow was white bees, and she was the queen. You know, like an old wives' tale. But my friend Gerda? Once when we were kids, she swore she saw you. Well, not you, but the Snow Queen, during a storm. It was so funny. She covered her eyes. She said she didn't want you – I mean the Snow Queen to see her. She thought - well, the Snow Queen - was so pretty. And that you were looking at her. I still tease her about it. I always said I'd put her on the stove and melt her. No. No, I’m sorry. I mean, we were just kids. Anyhow, it wasn't you I was talking about. Gerda always felt sorry for her. Talked about how lonely she must be, with just the snow flakes for company. So, are you? The Snow Queen, I mean