Male 18-25. 210 words. Hobbs: “LSD.” From The Snow Queen.

By Paul Pasulka

Did I give him LSD? No, Gerda. I didn't give him LSD. He took it. I told him I didn't think he wasn't ready for it. But he insisted. He was totally fucked up. No, you wait a minute, Gerda. It wasn’t my fault. I tried to watch out for him. He wanted to take off his clothes. It was fuckin' freezin' out. But I wouldn’t let him. He thought he was pure energy. He even tried to walk in front of a fucking bus. He was too freaky. I was trippin', too, you know. And he was like all into water. You know that little shit creak? He's like, “Man, this is the source of everything.” He was gonna jump in. I told him like, “Yeah, that's cool.” It's like, what, four feet down and a foot deep. He said he had to follow it to the North Pole. To find the Snow Queen - you know, that chick who’s been hanging around? He was all into her. She was playin’ with him, like he was a cat, and she was dangling a string. Finally I convinced him to just go home. And when I didn’t hear from you, I figured he was alright. He hasn’t been home at all?