Male 18-30. 292 words. Sewey: “Ice.” From: Charades.

By Paul Pasulka

See, it’s just a perfect fit. That’s why I was so happy to get this interview. ‘Cause you have ice and I really like ice. And the IceCube Neutrino Observatory. I don’t really know what neutrinos are, but I know they’re all over the place and stuff, and some even crash into the Earth - a whole lot, from what I gather. But what happens if they hit you? Good question, right? Do you just disintegrate - like into nothing - forever? Now, that’s a research question. And the Cube? A cubic-kilometer? That’s big. Well, not a big as a mile. That much I do know. It’s like a mile in England, right? I mean, ‘cause England is so small and all, their miles have to be small too, so they can all fit. Anyhow, it just makes sense. There’s still a lot of ice in Antartica, right?

Oh, it’s in Arc-tica? That’s even better, cause I’m guessing you don’t have ants there. I’m not really that crazy about them. In fact, I wouldn’t even apply for this if it was in the jungle. I don’t like jungles. Not that I’ve been in the jungle. Never. Unless… Well, I don’t think so. At least I hope not.

But the Arctic Circle? I like circles. And ice. Ice cubes, sickles, creams - most of them, anyhow. I don’t like chunky monkey - although I’ve never actually tried it. Ice Ages - again, most of them. Ice buckets and dams - Am I allowed to say that? Dam? Because I could refrain, if necessary. Oh, sorry. And Ice Nine. Though I’ve never actually seen any - I hope to one day. And ice picks? I have one of those already, so we won’t need to requisition one.