Male 20+ 135 words. Chris:"Bodhisattva Awakening" From: Into the River.

By Paul Pasulka

So, at some point in this life you remembered that you were a Bodhisattva. Interesting. When? The moment you were born, like,  “Whoa, what’s this? Oh, yeah. I have definitely been here before. Wait. Don’t tell me. I’m a… I’m a...” And then your mother was like, “Charles, honey, say hello to Brad.” And you’re like, “No… Pretty sure it’s not Brad. Seems like it starts with a ‘B’ though...”

No..? Oh, wait. At conception? “Man! That was intense. Bang! What is all that moaning?” I wonder, though. The knowledge, was it carried in the sperm or the egg? (Singing, a la Ray Charles) Together again. So, when did you realize you were, like, a Bodhisattva in this life? And is it possible to forget it? I mean, like if you get Alzheimers or something?