Male 20+ 165 words. Doc: "Puss and Booties" From: A Dopey Christmas.

By Paul Pasulka

Dopey? We had no choice but to bring him. Su yee (you see), the other dwarfs were off to Puss ‘n Booties for a night of, well…, new yo (you know).

Oh, he’s been there before. That’s the problem. The ladies all love him, so the other fellows never get to - well, buy any toots - ah, try on the boots.  It’s fitipul, really. They slave all year and get one night to show off a little cream - ah, blow off a little steam. But he starts in, and the ladies don’t display their tuckas strayed. Um,  stock and trade. Plus he loves loony clingus. Um, cluny - cuny. Well, let’s just say he’s a cunning linguist. Wags his tongue all night. The girls just love to glisten to him. And the other dwarfs get nothing. Then they come hack bone - Back home all Grumpy. All lear yong. We even lost one - May he pest in reese. He was so distracted - he died in a mining accident.