Male 20+  201 words. Chris: "Manna from Heaven" From: Into the River.

By Paul Pasulka

Really? You’re preaching to me and you don’t know about pigeon religion? No? So listen. It was some psych experiment. You know those guys. They don’t have anything better to do than seek enlightenment by tormenting animals. Just like you, they wanna believe it’s for the good of the mankind. But the only thing they consistently demonstrate is human cruelty. And this was their God: BF Fuckin’ Skinner. See, he put these pigeons in cages. Had a food pellet dropped every fifteen seconds. Within two days everyone of them discovered prayer. Prayer that caused the pellet to drop.

One spun like a dervish. Boom! The pellet fell.

One davened. Again - hallelujah!

Another one thrust its head skyward in supplication, cooing and clucking. I think there was even one that made the sign of the cross. Each ritual lasted for exactly fifteen seconds and then - bing!- manna from heaven.

But then again, I guess they weren’t they wrong - trying to make sense of the universe.Didn’t matter though. When the experiment was done, God Skinner euthanized them.  Who knows, maybe that was the act of a beneficent god. After all, look where they were. In a cage praying for pellets from above.