Male 20+ 232 words. Thug: "That Karma Shit" from Hunger.

Oh, that Karma shit? No, I’m good with that. Reincarnation? Way I figure it, I’ll just stay on top life after life until the very end. Do whatever I want to whomever I want whenever I want throughout eternity. I will be the last soul to be reincarnated. It’ll be funny. All the rest of the souls will be standing there, all pissed off. “C’mon, you jerk. Will you just knock it off and cross over already?” And I’ll be there, in the gory glory of my last incarnation, like a blood-sucking leech or a pig or whatever? “Nooo… I’m not really ready yet. I’m still diggin’ this eating thing.” Oh, sure, the last life might be a bitch, but one life? How long is that, really? And in the meantime, the dog will have had his day - no, his life, after life, after life. On top of the world. (Beat) No. This is just not right. This just too easy. One of the parental beasts said if it comes too easy, you don’t really appreciate it. And it surely did not come easy with them. Ever. Bless their long-since cold dead hearts. Wait. Wonder if they’re still bleeding in that apartment with that dog. Hey, at least he - it? - had something to eat, hunh. So I guess I did a good deed after all. Hope that don’t fuck up the Karma thing