Male 20-40. 147 words. Punch: "Judy, Judy, Judy." from When the Levee Breaks.

By Paul Pasulka

Do not think that I fear you, but I am feeling particularly malevolent - Benevolent? Whatever. I will let you keep the - Beamer. A blow torch on my perp and the patrol vehicle will serve me just fine, and we will let Katherine exercise her free will. My lovely, come to me. Take the first step into a life of blistering ecstasy. I understand - You fell in love before you met me. I forgive you that offense. But I do find it impossible to believe that you would prefer the Rosy Boa to me - the Striped Racer. Again, I will chalk that up to lack of intimate exposure which we will soon remedy. You will undoubtedly become enthralled - a prisoner, so to speak, of love. Come to me. (Beat) Yo Adrienne! (Beat.) Rocky! (Beat.) No..? Elaine! (Beat.) See, right there you’re supposed to respond “Ben!” and come running to me. (Beat.) Stella! (Beat.) Hey, how about this? Judy, Judy, Judy. (Beat.) No?