Male. 235 Words. Jaguar: "Spirit of the Jaguar." From: When the Levee Breaks. By Paul Pasulka

Cutter, I like you, so before I kill you, I want to educate you with a little story. When I was a mere child I decided I would not defile my mouth with potty words. A disgusting and crude cover for cowardice, I came to understand. My mother, however, believed this betrayed a lack of manhood. But the more she abused me with these words, the more she beat me, the more - wie sagt man? (“vee zogt mahn”) - Why, thank you, Cutter. Yes, adamant - the more adamant I became. I would answer only, “With sticks and stones I will break your bones, but names will make me cry because they demonstrate a profound lack of grace.” So, ever attentive to my instruction, I swear to the Holy Spirit - She locked me in a closet with those words - those eight filthy words blasting at me over and over and over for forty days and forty nights, each one a head slap to my cabeza. In the dark. Cruel, you think, no? But no. For it was there that I discovered that the spirit of The Jaguar - Rowr! - could exist in purity anywhere in the world. You, my ill-mannered friend, defiled my dear Lee. You defiled my ears with filth. If it were not for my vow to the Cathar Princess - I would kill you very, very slowly. But what can I do? A vow is a vow. So you will die quickly.