Male 25+ 180 words. Calhoun: "A Cesspitter" From Sarah's Story.

By Paul Pasulka

A bath, Mum? Thank ye, but it won’t help none. You see, I’m a pitter... No? A cesspitter. I clean the - well let’s just say the pits in the castle. The smell’s well-seeped into me bones by now. Don’t bother me none, though. Born to it, I were. Me father, me father’s father, and me father’s father before him was all pitters. Ye can tell in a moment if a man’s fit for this work. If he so much as wrinkles his nose, he’s no –  Yes ‘m. Calhoun it is. But it’s good, honest work and I can’t be demoted. Sumpin’ happens to me, kingdoms fall. King and all. I beg your pardon, Mum. Stand downwind? To be sure, M’lady. A smart ‘un is M’lady. Me wife says Calhoun, ye – Oops. Beg your pardon, M’lady. Yes ‘m. I seen your father. In the dungeon he were. Snuck him a bit of food, but ‘t weren’t much. Couldn’t speak to him, though. So, when I got through I come to see Sir Gardeil. ‘E’s a good ‘n’, ‘e is.