Male 25+. 245/417 words. Bobby: "Cawin’ Like a Crow." From: Wheel of Fortune.

By Paul Pasulka

Mattie, he wasn't right, you know? Retarded, I guess. In his own world mostly. You'd see him sittin' in a tree for hours, whistling to himself, cawin' like a crow. It was funny. Lotsa times they'd caw back like they 'as havin' this whole conversation. Joey always looked after him. Hold his hand walkin' to school. Pick him up every afternoon.

One day - Mattie musta been nine or ten. Tommy G - asshole bully. Wouldn't never mess with anyone even close to him in age or size. But Mattie, Tommy G just had it in for him. Teasin' him, makin' jokes about him. So Joey talked to him. Explained about Mattie and everything. Tommy was like, "Oh, yeah. Sure, Joey. I didn't know, man. I'll watch out for him, okay?" But it probably wasn’t a week later Tommy G sees Mattie crouched on the ground in front of school, just studying a caterpillar. Tommy asks him if he wants a closer look. Mattie, he don't say nothin'. He didn't talk much. And so Tommy picks up this caterpillar and smashes it in his face. But that ain't enough for him. He says, like, "Oh, I'm sorry, Maggie. Did you get it on your face? Let me wipe it off for you." And he starts rubbin' his face on the sidewalk, ridin' on his back. Got this grin on his face, like he’s got a big boner, right? He's on top, right? Wrong. Wheel of fortune turns.


Me and Joey come outta school, hear Mattie makin' those crow caws, only this time like the crow's gettin his beak ripped off. Tommy G, he sees us, gets off Mattie's back, but he - Tommy - ain't really afraid. He should be, but he ain't. 'Cause up till that time Joey never hurt nobody. So Tommy laughs and makes some joke, how he was, like teachin' Mattie about nature and shit. Only Joey, I don't think he heard it. You know what they call white rage..? No, seein' red don't do it, 'cause Joey wasn't hearin' or seein' nothin'. Man, I never seen a beatin' like that in my life. In a matter of minutes, Tommy ain't doin' nothin' but bleedin'. I mean, everywhere. And he ain't movin' no more, 'cept when Joey kicks him. Then he just shakes like a big fat bag of Jello. Maybe I tried to stop him. Really? I don't remember. Joey finally calms down and picks Mattie up and takes him home. Never saw Tommy G again.