Male. 25+. Reporter’s monologue: “Oh What a Bonnie Candle!”

From Gruoch, or Lady Macbeth by Paul Pasulka

Kate, breaking news from Scotland. Addie Berwick and her thirteen year old daughter, Caitlin, were just convicted of witchcraft. As you will recall, Addie is reportedly a simple-minded woman was reportedly, and we say reportedly because all charges, witnesses, defense – everything, in fact, is sealed. Hold on a second, Kate. Yes, the gates are opening. Oh. Addie is being carted to the stake. Yes, it appears her leg was boiled in oil. Let me see if I can get closer...  Addie. Addie! Do you have any words of repentance? Nothing...  The executioner is approaching. Well, I’ve never seen anything like this. Addie is looking at the torch with what can only be described as childlike glee on her face… She's speaking.  Let me see if I can get closer.

“Ooh! What a bonnie candle!”

Oh, the fire is lit. Oh, my. The screams. Pew! The smell. Kate, I don’t know if you’re getting this, but it is beyond description. Malleus Maleficarum, indeed.