Male 30+ 130 words with movement. Psychiatrist. Dr. John: “Homeless Ballerina.”

From Remote by Paul Pasulka

Morning, Jamie. Chocolate's particularly good, today. Alright if I sit..? I'll take that as a yes. (He sits and looks out the window.) Quite a show out there isn’t it? Buses, cars. Ambulances. People comin’ and goin’. Oops! There she is again. Look, across the street. Yep. Singin’ her lungs out. Wish I knew how to read lips. Say, Jamie, you don’t, do you? No, didn’t think so. Darn. Bet she’s got quite a voice. Did ya notice the cart? Not half as much as she had in it yesterday. Wonder what...  Oh, yeah. That’s her. That little dance. (He stands and enacts). Arms crossed, turning to four corners, then up on her toes. Funny though, kinda looks like a real dance, no? Wonder what is is. You know, Jamie?