Male 30+.  158 words. Dr John: "Rewind" from Remote.

By Paul Pasulka

Morning, Jamie... Hot chocolate if you want it... Alright if I sit down? (Beat.) I’ll take that as a yes. Talked to your mom this morning… She told me what happened last night... Jamie, I’m sorry… I think she told me everything... about her drinking… What she said about your father. How he died… How you got hurt... I gotta admit, I was stunned. (Pause.) So, I’m guessin’ they told you you’d be staying here a while, while we figure out what to do... Your mom will have to be evaluated. Seems like she needs help, too... I imagine you’re pretty stunned... Might help if we talk about it... The social worker from the state is gonna want to talk to you, ask you some questions. I can be there with you, if you want. (He picks up his cup and sips.) See you still got the remote control. Man, if we could just rewind and change things, hunh?