Male 30+. 162 words. Cosimo: "Lecherous Proposition." From: La Maestra.

By Paul Pasulka

My dear Signora Gentileschi, be careful of the company you keep. You will get a bad reputation. You’ve no business associating with painters, particularly house painters. You want a man who has power. Who can bring all Rome - the entire world - to worship at your ever so beautiful feet. (Beat.) Oh, he didn’t promise his assistance, did he? Because he has none to promise, except through me. And why buy a cut of meat - a poor cut, at that - when you can have the whole cow? A bull, in this case. Which means herds of cows. Which I would gladly lay at your exquisite feet. Metaphorically speaking. Unless you would prefer the actual cows. I can do that, as well. If you own a paintbrush, I can get you a commission. Look what I’ve done for Agostino here. In fact, if you haven’t a paint brush, I can supply one. Oh, you’re shocked! Please, don’t play coy with me. Everybody knows your reputation.