Male 30+. 198 words. OFFICER: "Thus Sayest Achior." From: La Maestra.

By Paul Pasulka

My lord, Achior, your servant and the captain of the sons of Ammon offers counsel. He reports that the children of Israel are descended of the Chaldeans. They sojourned in Mesopotamia, but would not follow the gods thereof. Their God then commanded them to go into the land of Canaan. When a famine covered the land, they went down into Egypt, and became a great multitude. Therefore the king of Egypt rose up and made them slaves. They cried unto their God, and he smote the land of Egypt with incurable plagues and dried the Red Sea before them, and brought them to Mount Sinai.

Achior counsels caution. They are now returned to their God. If there be no iniquity in their nation, let my lord pass by, sayest Achior, lest their Lord defend them. But, if they sin against their God, we shall be their ruin. Thus sayest Achior.

But my lord, will we be afraid of a people that have no power for a strong battle. Will we be afraid of the face of their god? For who is God but Nabuchodonosor? He will send his power and their mountains shall be drunken with their blood. Thus sayest I.