Male 30+ 208/325 words.St. Peter: "Job"

from To the Great Egress by Paul Pasulka

You know only part of the the story. Where God was braggin’ to Satan about Job. How much he - Job - adored Him. Prayed to him. And Satan says, “Sure, why not? He’s on top of the world. Richest guy. Best family.” So they make a bet. God says, ‘Do what you will, but don’t touch him.’ So Satan destroys Job’s family, takes all his stuff. Man, he is destitute and bereft. Still, he refuses to curse God, and God is lording this over Satan. But Satan counters, ‘Sure I took his family, all his shit, but you never let me touch him. Skin for skin.’ And so God says, ‘Do what you will, but you cannot kill him.’ And Satan ‘visits’ Job one more time. This time Satan leaves him in the dirt, scratchin’ at these honkin’ pustules with busted pottery shards. But still Job won’t curse God. Well, that really got to Him - God. Started Him wondering about this thing called man. How could it be so faithful? He decided He had to become one - to find out for himself. So, he goes slumming, but on a five-star tour as Jesus. Immaculate conception, virgin birth, a whole bunch of death-defying miracles, culminating in one very brutal crucifixion.

And when he gets back here to heaven, he’s bragging all over the place about His creation - how great they are, and for a while there was still a touch of compassion in Him. But pretty soon it’s about how great He is - how god-like he is, even as a human. And Jesus starts fading away – his spirit actually being reabsorbed by the great and powerful God of wrath. Before long God starts resenting man’s humanity. He gets even crueler. Splintering religions - turning people against each other in His name. (Beat.) Jesus. It feels good to even talk about it – Him – the Christ - again. Nobody here cares any more. But I do miss Him.