Male. 35+ 177 words. Nikos. "Sour Grapes." From Aesop's Fables.

By Paul Pasulka

Sure, I got this one. The Fox and the Grapes. So, a fox was walking in the forest, and he was so hungry, he was famished and so thirsty. Parched. Right? Thirsty? And he sees a great big bunch of juicy black grapes, I mean, you could just see the dew on them shining in the sunlight, and they was so plump they was about to bust. But they was hanging from a vine all high up on a fence-like thing.  And the fox tries to jump up and get them over and over. And he tries to climb up fence. But he just keeps fallin’, getting’ hungrier and thirstier and dizzy from all that exertion. Work, right? Exertion? But no matter what he tried, he just can’t get to them there grapes. So finally he just got to forget about it and move on, right? And as he’s leaving, he says to himself, he says, “I don’t want them grapes anyhow. They’s probably sour.” Sour grapes. That’s what you’re talkin’ about. Cause you ain’t goin’ nowhere.