Male. 35+. 192 words. Court: "Guilty" From La Maestra.

By Paul Pasulka

The witness dares insist in going on with this, in spite of the fact that the court knows for certain that he has not only had carnal relations with the said Artemisia more than once, but also with great violence deflowered her. One should only observe the frequency and familiarity with which the witness had visited the said Orazio’s house in his absence, the way in which the witness had followed and associated with said Artemisia on many occasions and in various places, the spying that he was doing around the house day and night, and confessions he had made many times outside the court about the carnal relationship that he had with her. And finally that he was seen lying in bed with her in her own bedroom, she being naked. Father Giordono also testified that the witness was seen to line up false testimony. The witness cannot continue to avoid telling the truth.

This court therefore finds the witness guilty of forcible rape and deflowerment of Signora Artemisia Gentileschi. He is sentenced to five years hard labor or complete and absolute banishment from Rome. Remove him to Tor di Nona Prison.