Male. 40+. 127 words. Porter: “Masterly Mastering.” From Gruoch, or Lady Macbeth.

By Paul Pasulka

Knock, knock, knock! Here’s a knocking indeed! Oh, it's Ross, Thane of… Ross?

Ay, sirrah, my masters are within, masterly mastering, as is their wont. The means of their mastery, you ask? Well, sir, as babes, they master by suck and cry and flailing about, and leaking. Copiously. As children, they flail about, but are not quite so leaky.  As men, they suck again, and flail about. And leak. Copiously, again -  a different vintage, but from the same keg.  In their dotage, they merely suck and cry. But then they never get their way. Still, they are quite leaky. So, if it’s business you have, better be sharp. Soon they'll be onto leak-   What the hell. Take your time. Exit Ross. Enter Grouch, the future Lady Macbeth