Male: 40+. 206 words. Jason: My daughter has spina bifida.”

From: Wheel of Fortune. By Paul Pasulka

My daughter has spina bifida, you know? Course you do. I mean, about spina bifida. She can walk some, but uses the chair for distance. She takes dance classes though. In and out of the chair. She calls it rock and rollin'. I mean, you wouldn't pick the spina bifida out of a gift bag, but my daughter? She's great. We do everything together. Like, if I’m workin’ on the house – the electrical or whatever? She’s there, learnin’ it all.  And she loves dance. We watch all the shows... But you know what she says? She says, 'Dad, it's hard to be cool when you dance like a chicken...' So we talk about it. About what it means to be cool.  You know, like, it ain't how you walk or dance – It’s how you carry yourself. She gets it... The dance teacher's teachin' her choreography and stuff. She's great... The Joffrey? Got all the posters and the videos. And you’d think Maria Tallchief invented wings. I promised her one day we'd get to Chicago, see the Joffrey. Who knows, maybe she’d get a chance to meet Maria Tallchief, too. (Beat.) So, how’d you end up in a chair, if you don’t mind me asking.