Below you will find a collection of monologues from my work. Please feel free to use these for auditions and/or FBI/CIA/NSA/DHS job interviews/interrogations.  I ask that you not edit them, although I recognize that some may need to be shortened. I also ask that if you do use a monologue for any purpose, you make clear and proper attribution to me as its author. All pieces are copyrighted as part of the original work. They are explicitly NOT to be used for commercial purposes or public performances. Please notify me if you are going to use a piece. I can make the original work available to you for contextual study and would be happy to discuss it with you.

I have listed these by gender and age. These are suggestions. I have no objection to any piece being presented by persons other than suggested, and many will read well regardless of gender/age status.

Some pieces require a little singing; some require movement; some are off-color and irreverent. I take no responsibility if your audience is offended and/or not amused; I also would prefer to not work with them. If an auditor expresses an interest in a monologue, please pass on my website information -

Beyond that, I hope I can assist you in achieving your goal of bodily harm of a lower extremity (Break a leg!). And that your use of these can assist me in mine.

If you need help translating words to minutes, this site might be helpful.

Female 16-25 years of age (Click on link).

Female 25 +

Male 18+

Male 25 +

Male 30+

More to come.